Schools project 2024

We have worked in schools and young people each year prior to our summer event. In 2024, we are offering free sessions in Dawlish Library run by FabLab Exeter

KS2/3 pupils will be shown how to design a key ring on a laptop. The files will then be used by the laser cutter to produce their very own key ring.

Prior to the FabLab workshops, we are offering sessions in schools to facilitate pupils’ choice of a marine creature and research how changes to its environment and/or human activity are impacting its life cycle. Some examples/suggestions – Vaquita porpoise, Hawksbill Turtle, Dugong - sea cow, Sea Otter, Galapagos Penguin, Baleen Whale, Short Snouted Seahorse.

Positive changes are allowed, so a step that mankind has introduced to benefit a particular species is acceptable.

Participants choose a medium they are comfortable with, for example, writing prose or poetry, drawing, or video to convey a message about their chosen creature. They should also find an image, or images, which will inspire their own design for the keyring. Work will be on display on 7th June and, depending on space, during the Turn the Tide days of 8th and 9th June.

We have invited pupils from Gatehouse Primary, Westcliff Primary, Cockwood Primary, Dawlish College, older ages at Orchard Manor and Oaklands Specialist College, plus a youth group. 

Marcus Brown from FabLab will provide laptops and facilitate the design of a key ring fob which will be laser cut and engraved in wood back at Fablab, in Exeter Library.

 We are very grateful to for funding this work.
Contact us now if your school or group is interested!